Thinking of you in Heaven

Thinking of you in heaven, heartbroken without your children Watching them grow, change, and turn themselves inside out with grief. 

You were the nucleus of everything in their life. 

The reason they had a strong work ethic, the smiles that crept across their cherub like cheeks, and the cute little nicknames you have for each of them. 

Why do the sands of time keep falling through the hour glass when I want to squeeze every moment I had with you back into the bottle? 

I knew the moment we met it was a kindred connection. 

Two lost souls grieving for their one and only Mothers. 

They were the half that made us whole and then our children began to fill that void. 

Grief is like a vacuum at times sucking the joy out of life and rendering us powerless and useless. 

I remember what you said to me about death that no one really gets over it. The passage of time doesn’t heal the gaping wound of losing and loving someone. 

It only creates scar tissue that can be triggered and eroded away with one song, one moment, one emotion causing it to be ripped open oozing pain, love, loss, and blood soaked tears. 

Why did you have to die and leave this earth a little less warmer and brighter? 

God took the most precious earth angel who would do anything for your loved ones. 

He placed you in heaven like the bright star of light and love. 

And there you shine down on us all who reel in grief with missing you. 

Opening up our hearts and minds to your brilliance, and maybe in that moment of enlightenment I feel a little less lonely in the world. 
Love you my sweet friend not even death can break our bond of friendship. Shine on beautiful angel shine on.

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