The Stepping Down Story

Hey guys! Anand stepping down is huge news. He was one of those people from the 101 who set up this community blog as an extension of the course. He is a tenacious bulldog (with all the respect in the world buddy! With a capital R 🙂 ) that stops at nothing. He read everything. Left comments on everybody’s posts and talked to everyone. This is something I personally cannot do and I respect him for that.

But, let us not forget Rashmi ( @sashay909 ) Christina ( @wynstep ) and Kristina’s ( @kristinavanhoos ) role in this site too. They are equally responsible for shaping up this site as it is today. Co-ordinating a 100+ blog with P2 theme is no easy stuff. Creating tags, setting up weekly features and some of the other great things are examples of what they did just to turn that 101 course into an extended vacation. Today the site has grown into a massive gathering of WordPress alumni. This is a good thing. This is a great thing. The community has become a forum.

And forums is something this site is NOT designed to become. When I say design I mean it visually. Stay away for a week and see tons of new people when you come back. I don’t see much of Ishita, Ivan Proust,  Garth, Arpita , Lula Harp and    most of the early members. New members are a wonderful addition.

But with a hundred more people comes hundred different perspectives. While some us find Anand to be an extremely helpful keyboard warrior typing his way through friendliness, some of us think of him as ‘that guy who just spams your comments and throws love and light at you’

Yes, someone somewhere in some corner of this blog definitely thinks like that. And that is okay. They haven’t known him since the beginning. What’s loving hug to a few is uncomfortable closeness to others. Everybody has their own perspective.

Anand’s ‘intimidating’ behaviour must party be caused due to the constant notifications. He was an admin. He must be getting notifications for every damn thing posted here. And he typed back. I believe this is the reason for his stepping down from the admin position. He needs a break. Everyone who interacts with hundreds of people needs a break. He has every right to do so.

But, let us not get sentimental. Don’t leave the site just because he is admin no more. Don’t make it look like mass resignation of the cabinet when the Prime Minister retires. Stick to the posts. Get feedback. Get help. Meet people. Stop being melodramatic. You are not here as you. This is not a social network. Here your username is your blog. Your profile is your blog. Stick to that. This is a public place. When someone points a finger at one of the people on the stage, some action will definitely happen. We certainly have no right to criticize the admins especially when we don’t know what happened. Anand is still here. Aren’t you ( @thinkerv0 ) ?

This totally needs #feedback I love typing up long posts