I’m Sorry :'(

Hi guys!
I am deeply sorry, if I wasn’t able to reply or rather respond to all the activities that had happened last holiday. I guess, I missed a lot of happenings here!
Now, I’m updating myself and start reading some of your posts. Anand post caught my attention.. his post of stepping down as an admin. I’m having a second thought of hitting the like button (so, I didn’t). I didn’t know him personally but I can tell that he’s a nice person. The way he gives feedback to some of my posts and to the other bloggers as well, it sounds like he’s a great person and I think… he’s just doing his job as an admin. He helps a lot of bloggers specially to those new members (like me!). But whatever reason he had in mind.. I(we) respect your decision, still hoping that we can still here your voice here, tho!

Okay, going back to my own reason…I’ve been busy and I wasn’t able to open all my social media account during holiday. There are a lot of things I’m taking care of, like, my new house. I am now working out on my first post for this year 2016 and I’ll share the link here once I’m done! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!