Here is an updated Table of Contents

As of January 21, 2016, this is an updated “Table of Contents” for our #weekly #grammar /punctuation feature.  We’ve added our very first post, which was overlooked in previous versions. Contributors, please let me know if I need to make any other corrections/additions.

We hope this helps newcomers.

August 20: Your Weekly Dose of Grammar and Punctuation @thinkerv0

August 26: Make your sentences make sense @drmegsorick

September 2: Comma Splice @theanonymoustalker

September 9: Choosing the right word @drmegsorick

September 16: Avoiding Apostrophe Catastrophe @pamkirst2014

September 24: English grammar and style options. Plus proofreading tools. @dalees107

September 30: Cranky: that’s what I am! Misuse of the colon. @pamkirst2014

October 7: Wordiness @dalees107

October 14: Verb Tense @drmegsorick

October 22: Cranky Old English Teacher  @pamkirst2014

October 29: Passive Voice @dalees107

November 4: Avoiding Repetition. @drmegsorick

November 18: Reflecting on the reflexive and who’s who @maddy1953

November 25: Grammar Time! @drmegsorick

December 3:  Passive or active, slippery or secure?@maddy1953

December 10: Sometimes Fragmented, Always Searching for Independence @pamkirst2014

December 17: Say what you mean and mean what you say @dalees107

December 24: Apostrophes and Apostrophe Abuse @maddy1953

December 30: “Can we talk?” I asked. Writing dialogue! @drmegsorick

January 6: “Checking the Intake Valve.” @pamkirst2014

January 21: ““A Little Comma Relief”  @pamkirst2014

And “How to make your post sticky” whenever you publish the weekly feature.

Please feel free to make comments and suggestions as to how to make this a better grammar feature. I don’t “own” it so anyone can come in and edit it with the approval of the admins. I’d like to put it in reverse with the newest first, but just lacking time this month. So busy helping my mom and keeping a diary of what all we are doing….

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Rashmi @sashay909