New Year celebrations at Blogger’s World

New Year celebrations bring with them new hopes and new beginnings. Out with the old, in with the new they say. Ringing in of the new years is accompanied with either lots of wild partying, or a quiet night at home with family and friends. Either way, it is a big event the world over.

And this is how the family members of Bloggers’ World celebrated it.

Dr. Meg Sorick and her husband Harry stayed home and watched New Year celebrations on TV, with their cat Brindle curled up on her lap.

They do make a handsome couple, don’t they!

Rashmi was at Bollywood theme party, and they danced to a lot of Bollywood numbers. There was even a Belly Dance performance. She was accompanied by her sister, brother-in-law and her adorable son. They posed together for a group selfie at the stroke of mid-night, continuing their family tradition.

In her own words, “it was a fun night and we welcomed 2016 with a lot of food, drinks, music, dancing and above all laughter!”

Susan who blogs at Waterblogged, was out for dinner and dancing with family. She decided to live in the moment, and enjoy with her family instead of taking pictures. Do admire that, Susan, although we wish we could have joined in the fun! 🙂

Visakha spent her New Year’s with tiny tots, playing emcee at their poetry recital event.

They look so cute, like little angels! Must have been quite a night, Visakha!

Rugwed spent the evening chatting and blogging, while his family had already tucked in for the night.

Susan Gutterman was in California, with friends and they dined, wined and chatted as they watched the ball drop on TV. It was a double cause for celebration for them as Susan and her husband completed 52 years of love and togetherness. Many Congrats and Happy Anniversary to the Guttermans!

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Kelly watched the last sunset of 2015, where she lives, in Canada.

Kelly honest363.jpg

She even bid goodbye to the sun, saying, “see you next year.”

Sheridan Johnson hosted a party at her home and had even made a DIY photo booth.

The decorative background you see is the photo booth she made.

Lula Harp was in Collierville, Memphis, out for dinner with a friend.Lula HarpShe took this picture in the town square, on the way back.

Joanne/Vellisma was in Australia, visiting friends for the New Year. Dawn Marie was travelling too.

Vanessa was at a lounge in Fort Lauderdale, Florida ringing in the New Year with old friends. It was a very intimate and formal affair, with a live band and food catered by a Caribbean caterer. Vanessa says, “we danced and drank the night away!”

The pics were taken around midnight after the grand arrival of 2016.

Lauren was in Valladolid, Mexico during the New Year.  In the below pics, some of her new hostel friends are playing a game which Lauren describes as something similar to poker with dice. Lauren says, “The Mexicans really shook us up and then slammed (SLAMMED) the cup on the bar. My friend lost but was a good sport about it.”

She was in the main square, at the stroke of 12, and hugged those around and watched the doll burn.

Apparently burning of dolls is a common tradition in many countries. In some countries, a doll or effigy of Judas is burnt, but that happens at Easter. Other countries burn dolls as part of the New Year celebrations, as it symbolizes the end of an old year. However, as per my research this tradition is apparently not common in Mexico. So, Lauren and I both are unsure of what the doll is or its significance.

Wandering Soul had two celebrations. The below pictures are from a New Year Golf Tournament and Party, that my parents and I had attended a few days earlier.

On the actual night of 31st, I was online; blogging, and chatting with close friends. As the clock struck 12, I sneaked into the kitchen to gorge on a chocolate biscuit, and usher in the new year on a “sweet note”.

And, with that Travel Guide comes to an end. Photo Delight will continue. Please do continue to contribute your pictures via url’s or ping-backs.

Happy New Year!


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