What’s my purpose?

Hey everyone. I’ve got a lot to say but I hope you’ll read and take a moment to help me out and give me some #feedback .

One thing I’m struggling with is: What’s my purpose? Why am I blogging? What do I have to offer to world that’s different from everyone else? I think I just have too many possible angles, but none is unique on it’s own – perhaps a combination could be unique? I would love if you would take a moment to have a conversation with me and help me find my way…

1. I’m thinking I could write about crunchy travel, light travel, budget travel, but I think all have been done (maybe the crunchy not so much). Perhaps a combination of all of these would be my unique angle – call it simplicity or something that encompasses it all….

2. Also, what I haven’t seen much of is a travel blog focused on the people (though I haven’t looked much). What if I focused my blog on the people I meet while traveling? I could start each post with “Meet x person” or some other sentence. OR each post could be a reflection based on a conversation I had/a person I met – “Today, I was chatting with x person and it got me thinking about…” This leaves me open to reflect, philosophize, write about experiences, etc. But it all starts with the conversation.

3. Lastly, I also have lots of learning goals – that really is the focus of my travels (learn spanish, learn about history, cultures, etc.). Perhaps I could do something with that?!

If you’ve read all this – THANK YOU!!! I would really appreciate a good discussion – ideas, suggestions, opinions, etc. And I’m always happy to join any conversations, check out a post of yours, etc. to help you out, too!

Happy new year y’all!!