How Social Identity can Influence Conservation

Hello friends! I just wanted to let you know that I have published a new post on my blog.

For at least three months I have been vigorously researching two of the most important theories in social psychology: social identity theory (SIT) and self-categorization theory (SCT). At the beginning of the month I published a summary of these two theories, which will give you a good understanding of their basic premises.

My newest post builds of that summary by showing some of the ways social identity can influence environmental stewardship. It talks about some scientific research that connects SIT and SCT to how people treat the earth; as well as relations between conservationists and local people.

This link will take you to my new post. If you want to read the introduction to my social identity-related posts, you can click here. For those who are really ambitious and want some background info on social psychology, I have a post about that as well.

Thanks for your support, ¡mis amigos! 😀

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