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Something disturbed me today. So, I need to share it with you all. See the following images:

For those who don’t understand Hindi

It simply states that- a girl’s id( the fake one) has been created by a guy(who’s still free out there) and thereafter, fully obscene images with her face in all those pics, have been uploaded and tagged as well. Now, it is really difficult for the girl to face her own community. Obviously, she’s innocent but still her pics all over the internet now. This might not be a very big news but still we all use the internet and you might have heard “Prevention is better than cure.”


These were the two parts of the same news from today’s national daily: Dainik Jagran

Isn’t it feels good when you get substantial likes on the pics you upload on the FB, Say 200 or 400(I only get 10 haha) but do you really know how much vulnerable you all are. Many a time, I’ve seen that many people regularly upload their pics on a regular basis including their activities as well. But it is really not a good thing to do so.

Why today I’ve written this post??

I always speak up on the social issues. Whether I was in school or college, I believe in self-awareness.

I couldn’t upload all the pics as the size of the post will considerably increase.

Last month also I came across a similar news but in a different scenario. A girl(Indian) during her interview session was surprised when she heard from the interviewer that you look like a simple student but I’ve seen you on a dating website. She was astonished, a simple girl with simple dreams. And, after rummaging through the internet, the panel showed her a profile on the same website with her pics.
Now, where did the pics come from?After the cyber cell investigation, it came out that her FB id was hacked by someone outside of the country and misused after that.

Now this one is heartbreaking:
A lower middle-class graduate girl(Indian) who was living like most of us(She worked as a teacher in a local school nearby and was very pretty) suddenly was forced to marry. Why? A shameless boy from her locality first told her about the social networking and then to upload her pics. She was not aware of his intentions. After few days, he messaged her the edited images and then I’ve told what happened.

What to do?

1. If you are uploading your pics, then after some days, regularly delete them. There’s no need to highlight all of your activities. You can keep a personal digital catalogue for that.
2. Whenever you use any app or play games while on the social platforms(I recommend not to do so, especially for girls), first become fully aware of the developer.
3. Use antivirus that can effectively block the trojans and creepers. Pay for it. This investment will really help you to monitor your activities. Also, spammers can be effectively blocked.
4. You might be thinking that what if only my friends or friends of friends are able to see my profile? If you read the news above, it clearly shows that the blocked people can also hack your account by other means. So it doesn’t really matter if your profile is visible publicly or not.

5. Also, many a time, we have hundreds or even more than that, unknown friends. It is not really advisable to add unknown people. At least, you must try not to do so. My facebook account is almost 6-7 years old and I still don’t have 1000 friends.

How I know these things?

I’ve attended the ethical hacking workshop by Sunny Vaghela(a renowned Indian hacker and programmer)
in my college where we were told how to exploit the vulnerabilities of any website as well using the deception techniques. I was even successful in implementing it. I hacked my own FB account first. Then I did it on one of my friends’ account. Now, I don’t remember various things as it was many years back but still I know it is dangerous especially for girls.
Also, currently, there are codes available which can hack your system to such an extent that even if keep on changing your passwords, it will be of no use. Your new data will be automatically sent to the hacker’s database.
I’m giving the above example because guys believe it or not if we are using social media we all are vulnerable.
So I will again say “Prevention is better than cure”
Stay safe.
Pardon, my grammar.
Thank you.

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