Poem attempt 2# The Morning Sun

In the wee hours of the morning,
People lazily wake up yawning,
So brightly is the sun shining,
And the rooster loudly crying.

Pull back the curtains,
Look out the window,
You can see the sun smiling,
Behind the green trees hiding,
And innocent little children playing.

How lovely are the birds singing,
Sunflowers blooming,butterflies fluttering,
Out comes the nature’s radiant sun,
With its glittering golden rays breaking.

Oh Sun,where do you go at night ?
Do you sleep or do you hide ?
Or do you simply float around ?
Hopping slowly from town to town ?

With its honey-comb yellow colour,
Through the paddy fields it blazes,
Going up above the craggy hills,
And lighting up the gem-blue stream.

Oh dear Sun, I bow down to you,
With due respect and prejudice,
For spreading sunshine on the ground,
Throwing bits of happiness all around !

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