My name is Genevieve I recently started blogging here on WordPress. My blog is Just a lady with a blog. Even though I’m so new to this and really wasn’t sure what I wanted to blog about, I gained a following very quickly. I really just started searching out blogs and following people. Lots of those people came and checked me out liked what they saw. I still don’t know what to categorize my blog as maybe lifestyle? I have been writing most of my life mostly song writing, some short stories. I started a novel and was close to completion when a small accident wioed most if it away. I have been in a writing slump ever since. I started this blog as a baby step into writing again. I missed out a lot in blogging 101 it ended up being such a busy time for me. It’s like I got into it finally and it was over! I really appreciate this forum I think it’s a resource I will be loving as I’m still just trying to navigate my way through the blog world. I think that’s why I chose the name I did, like I’m just another lady with a blog in the vastness that is. I’m so glad I’m here though I’m enjoying being a part of this community even more so than some of my personal social media!

Thanks for inviting me Anand @thinkerv0

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