Fourth Blogcast – Sent from somewhere in Space


Here is the fourth installment of the Audio Blogcast.

This is the second time I have spoken publicly. The first was at Assembly in Standard 10th, when I had put together a speech on Iodine Deficiency. The entire content written by me, but spoken by others had been well received. I had spoken the concluding part and lastly prompted everybody to say the morning prayers. The feedback for the written content had been amazing. For my part of the speech, listeners had very kindly shared that it seemed like a massive earthquake had rocked my vocal chords.

The below audio blogcast isn’t mine. I do not know who is speaking or even who recorded it. I refuse to accept responsibility for any part of the blogcast. In fact I do not even know who uploaded it. Listen at your own risk. And if you happen to ignore it, you win a special Christmas present from me.