Tags In The Title!

Dear friends,

I see some of you use tags in the headings of your posts. While it’s not outrightly wrong, I wonder why you would do so! It isn’t attractive and tags inside the posts work as fine!

For example: two posts, by Meg and Deb, which are sticky right now– have tagnames in the titles.

A post by Indira last week had tags in the title. Jane also uses tags in the headings of the post.

I feel you can do away with them and yet you won’t lose anything.

For example: If Meg’s post’s title is Longmire: A Great Show!

And TV Review/Weekly are used only inside the post(below the body actually) we will not lose anything.

Please let me know if you think otherwise. 🙂

Thanks for your contributions. 🙂

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Love and light ❤

Anand 🙂