100 Words Stories: Second Friday Feature!

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Second Friday of every month is devoted to stories in 100 words here at Blogger’s World. We have three entries this week. The entry by Irene is not exactly 100 words but since she was enthusiastic about it and participated the link is being shared here. I hope you will like to read it. You can also participate in this event. This week there was no prompt. The prompt for the second Friday in January is metamorphosis.

Piyusha has submitted  Black Beauty

From her position at the glass window, she could see the friendly cafe owner across the street stop and stare at her. Again. She had that effect on people, every time they looked at her.

After some, the door chimes tinkled. A pretty girl, dressed in corporate business attire entered. Pointing to the glass window, she asked, “How much?”…read full story by clicking the link in the title above!

Icerene  has submitted Uncertain Feelings: Dealing With A Psychopath

What the hell are you doing?”,
“Ahm, sir…who?”, all the staff in IT Department was shocked when we saw Mr. Santiago, mad as hell.
“You Erin!! Are you out of your f*****g mind?! How many times do I need to tell you that before leaving my office make sure you’ve done everything!”, he yelled at me. “Sir…I did what you want me to do, before leaving your office yesterday.”
“And what are trying to say? Why don’t you go to my office and check it?! Damn!”, without second thought, I ran to his office, my whole body shaking. When I arrived, I check his computer and some apps are damaged.
“Did you see some problem?” he smirked in triumph….to read the full story use the link in the title.

Jane has submitted story Lucy

Lucy had always wanted to own a little tea shop with white table-cloth’s, on round table’s, three tier silver cake stand’s, and china tea cups and saucers. Pictures local artists had painted on the walls. And at last here was the opportunity, by the river -side was a tea shop to- let, this was the nearest she could get to owning one.
She falls in love with a man from another world, a different class, a marriad man, this man holds nothing but trouble for her and he is the son of the owner of the tea shop.

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