A Humble Request To Old And New Members!

Dear friends,


In the right sidebar on this forum you see some links. Some of them are for feedback, some others for ideas and help. How do they help us? If an admin, volunteer or member wants to find out all posts where feedback or help is needed all he has to do is to right click and open that link in a window and a page listing all posts with those tags(feedback, idea or help) gets opened up.


If you don’t use ‘feedback’ tag your post might get lost among others and people who want to help you will not be able to help as they can’t find it out. It will be more so as number of posts everyday start getting increased. So far I have kept adding tags on your post and many of us forget to add them so I have kept reminding. I will keep doing so–but my time and energy are also limited so I also tend to miss. It will be great if everyone is careful in adding tags on their posts. It will definitely make this forum a better place –easily allowing feedback and help for all members.


Volunteers:  Volunteer is not any special man with a hat on his or her head. Anyone who wants to help others is a volunteer. Please use the tags in the right sidebar and see which posts have not received feedback. Let’s see that no one remains without help or feedback. We are so many now and if someone doesn’t get help or feedback it is a pity. If most of us help others a bit like we want for ourselves–everyone will be covered. My sincere appreciation for those members who have been constantly helping others. Awards are in process and your efforts have been recognized. Thank you so much!


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Love and light ❤


Anand 🙂