New Members Are Most Welcome!

Dear Friends 🙂



A few new members have joined us lately. Some of them have already started interacting and I would like to introduce them to you.

@mickjcanning  Mick is a friendly blogger who writes beautiful post about his travel experiences. A novel is also in the process. You are most welcome Mick!

@jaipurthrumylens Arv is a blogger friend who lives in Jaipur, India and shares his experiences via lovely pictures. You are most welcome Arv!

@vikrambishla Vikram is a friendly blogger who lives in India. He is a self-made person who has wide array of interests. Ever thirsty for knowledge and self-improvement, he shares inspirational stories and quotes on his blog. You are most welcome, Vikram!


@jsackmom She is a friendly blogger who writes wonderful posts in Saturday stream of consciousness feature on her blog and lives in Canada. You are most welcome!

Please don’t hesitate to interact with other members and keep sharing posts from your blog for feedback. You can also help other members and also do featured weekly posts in various categories if you wish. I am sure you will be very active here and the forum will be a wonderful place with you. 🙂


I would like to introduce you to some members 🙂

Most of these friends met during August and November Blogging 101 course and since then we have been interacting with each other. Some of them are admins, volunteers and regular contributors over here 🙂

@wanderlaur  Lauren is a teacher as well as a wanderer who shares thoughtful posts on her blog. She has been taking part in discussions actively on this blog. 🙂

@joseelavallee  Josee is a creative artist who has many interests. She keeps sharing her tips for painting, writing and blogging with us. She is a spiritual lady with firm faith in lord 🙂

@raniamanda Amanda who is also known as Ranie, is a fellow blogger friend who always keeps supporting her friends and takes part in events like poetry corner regularly. 🙂

@indira2412 Indira is fellow blogger friend who lives in Vizag, India. She is a versatile artist who writes various stories, poems and shares her experiences in Hindi as well as English. She is a spiritual lady, ever willing to improve her writing and thinking, she keeps helping and encouraging her fellow friends. 🙂

@sandeept252 Sandeept is a wonderful friend from Nepal. He has wide range of interests which include socialism, science, mythology and writing. He keeps encouraging his fellow friends with his feedback and support! 🙂

@piyushavir Piyusha is a vibrant lady and a wonderful storyteller. She has been very active since she joined us last month. She is very friendly and supportive of her fellow bloggers 🙂

@dawnmarie823  Dawn is a wonderful friend. She is a genteel and kind lady who always encourages others and prays for welfare of everyone. This forum is blessed to have her exalted presence. 🙂

Marica is a wonderful blogger friend who also took Blogging 101 course in November. She is a born wanderer and a courageous lady! She has been very helpful to fellow blogger friends in Blogging 101 course. 🙂 You already know her 🙂

@koolitzable Jesse: Jesse is a cool lady and a very friendly blogger. She met us during August 101 course and since then she has been an active member here and also kept participating in various events. 🙂

@vellissima: Velissima: She recently joined our forum and she also took Blogging 101 course with us. Like you, she is a born wanderer too 🙂
@onetarhayes : Oneta: Oneta is a wonderful blogger who is hard working, creative and friendly. She writes wonderful poems, stories and posts and has a firm faith in lord 🙂

@dalees107 Debbie: has also travelled extensively across the globe like you. She also contributes as a volunteer here regularly and helps make this forum a beautiful place. You might like her as a friend if you don’t know her already 🙂

@arpitastravelblog Arpita: Arpita is a young lawyer and traveller who blogs about her reading and journeys.

@thedesivagabond Rakesh: Is a wonderful travel blogger 🙂

@wanderlusteternal : She is a travel blogger and her posts have beautiful images. 🙂

@pamkirst2014: Pam is our teacher and volunteer who has contributed extensively for making this forum a great place to hang-in 🙂

@sashay909 Rashmi: is a wonderful blogging friend and admin here who has recently won NaNoWriMo competition. She is a versatile artist and has contributed immensely as an admin and volunteer to make forum a beautiful place 🙂

@drmegsorick : Meg Meg has published 3 books and is an author with a great sense of humor. She also likes to travel. She has also contributed a great deal as a volunteer to make this forum a beautiful place to be in. 🙂

@kristinavanhoos: Kristina: Kristina is an admin and she was the first person to come up with the idea to establish this forum. She has helped immensely as an admin to make this forum a better place to be in 🙂

@21timetraveler: Sarah:: Sarah is a published author and researcher on medieval british history. She has helped here immensely by giving her feedback and suggestions. 🙂

@lulaharp: Lula : Lula is a wonderful blogger who enlightens us with various etymologies told from her unique perspective. She has been a regular volunteer and has helped us make this forum a better place 🙂

@garthmr : Garth: Ideas given by Garth have enriched this forum. Poetry corner which is a regular event was Garth’s idea. His feature “Meanings Lost in Time” made our fridays better. He is a wonderful author and a friend with great sense of humor. 🙂

@mkjackie99: Jackie: Jackie is a religious lady who has helped us wit her regular etymology features. She is a generous friend 🙂

@shinepositivepower: Shine: Shine is a wonderful blogger friend who encourages and helps all of us with her positive vibrations. She is very kind. 🙂

@avenscent: Jane: : Jane is a friendly blogger from UK. She is a prolific blogger and her poems, stories and posts make us feel a lot about spirituality and humanity. Her constant presence in this forum has made it a better place to be in. 🙂

@beckybwinch: Becky: Becky has a very generous spirit and she travels a lot. Her posts always have something you can learn from. Her kind soul takes delight in encouraging fellow bloggers 🙂

@ishitarc1908 : Ishita:: Ishita is a wonderful blogger who writes about the books she reads and about her wonderful journeys. Her presence has made this forum a better place to be in 🙂

@theotherscienceblog: Heather: Heather is a science blogger who also writes beautiful posts on other subjects. Her art is also beautiful and she also creates some podcasts on her blog. 🙂

Love and light ❤

Anand 🙂

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