Does crying make one weak?

Hello friends,

Would you please take some time reading my post?

The Problem

The question in the title has  been bothering me since the last thirty six hours. I’m also providing a little background over how I came across it. Let’s have a little #discussion on the topic, shall we?

A Little Background

Yesterday morning while I went to the barber’s for a haircut, I saw a couple with their daughter there. The little girl’s head was shaved. Her mother said, “She does not have nice hair. Will she grow nice hair after the shave?”

For me, the hair seemed nice. At least it was better than mine. But that’s not the real thing. The girl, like most of the girls loved her hair and was crying. Her mother said, “Don’t care what other will say. You need to be strong. You should not cry. Crying makes you weak.”

The first response my mind gave was that the notion was wrong. Occasional crying has actually helped me psychologically and emotionally. Later on, as I thought more, I felt that she might be right.

I have been debating inside me without a conclusion. That’s why I want you to take some time and involve in the discussion.

Thank you!


(PS: Admins, would you please help me get more people on the discussion? More the people, easier I guess I’ll be able to see if the question above is true or false.)