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south africa cape

Cape of Good Hope

Table Mountain National Park

South Africa

 On the Road through..

The selected country for the next feature post – Travel Guide is: SOUTH AFRICA!

Do not miss it on Sunday, December 6th, 2015! 🙂

Submissions are open for next Photo Delight! Deadline is Saturday, December 12th, 2015.

Please feel free to share your photo through post url or ping-backs, to be left in the comments section of this post only.


  • The submitted entry has to be of a photograph that was clicked by either you or a known contact–relatives, friends, colleagues qualify (photographer must be a hobbyist/amateur); *
  • No downloading from the Internet or using the photographs clicked by a Professional; *
  • If you are an amazing photographer, but are an amateur, you are most welcome to participate;
  • The photograph should have to be taken on one of your travels. Please don’t send a pic of your horse chewing your hair for breakfast, however cute it may be; 🙂
  • One photograph from the submitted ones would be selected and featured every alternate Sunday as that week’s Photo Delight.
  • Please don’t put entire pictures here.

This is NOT a competition – hence, there would be no ‘winners’ (or losers). It is only a platform to showcase your pictures and blogs to a wider audience.

In case if your picture doesn’t get featured and mentioned as the Photo Delight one week, don’t lose hope. Viewers and readers may have already visited your post, and your blog and you may just get featured the next week. So, keep those submissions coming in. 🙂



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