A Discussion On New Forum Awards!

Dear Friends,


We are planning on creating awards which will be given by the Alumni forum to its members and also to non-members who will be recommended by the members.
They will be in following categories:


1. Ideaphoria:

For those members who come up with new ideas. We have many such ideas since the inception of this forum with the thread #idea and we should honor such people who have helped make this forum a better place and it will encourage ideaphoria even more.


2. New Bloggers

This will be an award for new bloggers who have less than 200 followers and it will be akin to Liebster with interesting questions.


3. Star Volunteers

Those who regularly volunteer to help others via feedback, featured posts and such should be given this award.

4. Featured Authors award

Those authors who regularly contribute to the features should be given this award. Featured authors differ from the volunteers award in the sense that it might be given mostly based on the quality of articles written and not just based on the service which a volunteer has been doing so the article which is selected for the award can be mentioned.
There can be any new categories if you suggest. There will be a set of interview questions and specific badges for all awards. The previous discussion suggests that we should help members get featured here and shouldn’t increase hard work for them which usual chain-mail type awards do.

All suggestions for these awards, nomination criteria and so on are welcome.


Most of the members concurred in the last discussion round that they should not be hard work. Obviously intention here is to encourage people who are doing hard work and not make them work harder. It is also an opportunity to help people show their sides which don’t come out and help members and other new members mingle well with each other so that we have solidarity, feeling of belonging and a great community!


As per Rashmi’s suggestions: [ My questions and her answers below.]

( For the discussion which happened so far please see this thread)


How do we select nominees for poll? How many?
A Minimum of 5 nominees for each award category. Let’s do the awards on a fortnightly basis alternating on the award category each week. That means one category of award each week.
Nominees cannot be repeated within a span of 2 weeks time thereby ensuring everyone has a chance at being awarded.


Poll window? Should it be open for a week?
Yes, a week is good time. We can create a sticky post for the poll so that it is easier for members to vote!


How do you go about selecting nominees for any category? Who does that?

Well, as admins, we have access to the dashboard to see who contributes what and how much each member interacts on a certain post from the stats page.
So the admins can get together and discuss the nominees. We can also ask in a post if any member would like to suggest someone as a nominee (other than themselves!) and we can look into the suggestion to see if they fit into an award category.


This is the input from Pam @pamkirst2014


I think the awards you mention are great, Anand, and look forward to others’ thoughts on how best to implement!

I have been kind of thinking about awards, too—synchronicity again. I love the blogging awards in all their guises, but I have nominated people who quite often never respond—I think some of the award formats and obligations are just too labor intensive!

So I’ve been thinking about whether there is a quick way of recognizing people in addition to the kinds of awards we know and love.

At my work, we have something called ‘Caughtya cards’—which employees fill out for each other when someone demonstrates extraordinary effort or achievement. So if I see someone leave the office and walk a student across the street to introduce her to the academic support person who can help with her problem, I fill out a Caughtya Card and send it to the administrator. People who are ‘caught’ get special recognition at all-campus meetings.

Could we do something similar for people who post an entry that is just outstanding in some way—funny, moving, timely, etc—and post it to the whole group? (It would be nice to be able to develop a logo for the award—a ‘Glad I read this’ kind of thing.)


Note: Admins will not be eligible for any awards. Volunteers should have a good say in selecting certain awards such as for new members and non-members. Yes, I feel if we nominate some non-members too it might help them get acquainted with our community and they start feeling that they belong.



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Anand 🙂