Menu Addition and A Suggestion!

Attention all volunteers

The Friday Feature is been added as a new menu item in the menu for Weekly Features. You can see it in the menu on the top-left as well as in the right sidebar.

You need to use categories Fridayfeature and Friday 1, 2, 3 as applicable in such articles for them to appear in the links for these menus.

Please: Use categories when posting your articles. They are available in the right sidebar in the classic editor and in the left sidebar in the new one.

Rashmi: I have a doubt: I tried with the category for latest article by Pam and Friday 3 link showed me proper result. I did not change the tag. Am I right in assuming that posts showing up under those menus has to do with categories used rather than tags, since we use categories while creating menus?


Is it that using either tag or category will lead to articles showing up on appropriate pages under those menu sub-items?

Please let me know if I have not phrased the question well. 🙂

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Love and light ❤

Anand 🙂