Blogging Tools: Static Front Page

What are you talking about, Trina?
WordPress calls the front page – the first page a visitor typically encounters – “home.” This is where you land if you type in your blog’s address, say, (Though there is no page is this URL, your browser will take you “home” as default.)

Blogs can be formatted in a variety of ways. Some people prefer to have their posts on the home page, changing each time they post. Some prefer that home page to always look the same, with a link to the blog (and whatever else). This second option would be a static home page.

Setting up this home page is fairly simple. Let’s walk through.

1. Make a page.
WordPress (blue): Pages > Add
WP Admin (black): Pages > Add New
WordPress should adapt to your page title, but something like “Home” is probably clearest.

2. Publish your page.

3. Set that page to home.
WordPress: Themes > Customize > Static Front Page
WP Admin: Appearance > Customize > Static Front Page
Select “A static page,” then set the appropriate Front and Posts pages. (“Content” is the default page for blog posts.)

Ta-da! Now you have an unchanging page to greet visitors to your blog.

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