5 Steps to an Effective List Post.

I have been learning so much lately and  I wanted to share some of the nuggets I have been so fortunate to find. A great tool when you have been blogging for a certain length of time is list posts. I will give you some suggestion on how to use list posts.

A list post is a great way to share information with your reader in an organized way that gives your reader value. Whether you are creating a how to, or sharing large amounts of information in manageable chunks. Lists are a great tool.

Another great way to use list post is to link to your archives. If you have accumulate some content, a list post is a great way to bring some of your old content back, especially if it is popular content.

So here are 5 steps to creating a great list post.

 1 – Choose a topic and a number of items you want to list.

  • If you are linking to your archives, chose a topic that you have covered in multiple posts and feature them all in one post. I have heard this being referred to a “sneeze” post. Each item in your list will be linked to an article in your archives.
  • If you are creating brand new content, lists are a great way to quickly share large amounts of information in manageable chunks.
  • Lists are great for how to articles.

2 – Make sure the items in your list are related to your chosen topic, and make sense.

  • Each item on your list should be related to your topic, and offer your reader value.
  • A list post also referred to as a “sneeze” post is a great place for a new reader to get to know you and your blog. and for you to feature some of your favorite or popular content.
  • A good “sneeze” post will also bring some of your unseen content into the light.
  • Number each item and make sure it correlates to the number of items you have chosen

3 – Elaborate on each item

  • Write a short paragraph to elaborate on your list items.
  • Or like I did here, use bullet points to elaborate or explain in a little bit more detail.
  • If you are linking to your archives, I have seen people list their posts under items in a list .
    • eg. My list of writings
      • Poems about birds
      • Poems about people
      • Short essays
      • Short Stories
      • 6 word Stories
    • Each of the above headings would contain your links to your individual posts located in your archives.


4 – Review, Edit , and test your links.

  • Make sure you have edited your work before you finalize a post.
  • Re-read your post many times and place yourself in the shoes of your reader.
  • I heard this really great piece of advice recently
    • Re-read your posts as if you were having a really bad day
    • This will help you view your writing and spot things that might offend your reader, unless of course your aim is to offend.
    • But more often than not, offensive writing is Not a good thing.
  • Test your links and make sure they are leading your reader to the right page.
  • Aim for quality writing.
  • if you have time and resources available, have another person read through your post.

5 – Give your post a GREAT title

  • Use the number of items in your list in your title
  • Write many versions of your title and choose one that fits best.
  • Don’t overlook your title, it’s the first thing people read about your post.
  • Make it count!

I hope you have found this article helpful.  Please let me know what changes might make it more readable and feel free to comment. Is there anything else I could add? either in the list itself, or the bullets?


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