Lost my wallet. Who am I?


Lost my wallet. Who am I? 

I am craving for your love 

A constant battle per second daily 

Sunshine and smiles make me happy

Your inviting smile sealed in memory 

In the deep fear I sleep 

What if I hadn’t found you…

Bags packed, ticket ready. Passport lost! 


Shivering and sweating at same time 

Celebrations are the way of life !

Words cannot say enough; silence deafens 

The most important thing in life 

 Will I be a butterfly tomorrow? 

Sunshine and friends filled the day 

Tell Me, Tell Us, Tell Them 

Joie de vivre is bullet proof !

Friends never take friends for granted 

Oh this heart has fallen again!

Wondering and pondering what is life

Wish I could see you again! 


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