Hi, guys,

I was so busy lately… so much has happened since the blogging 101 πŸ™‚
I began to drive a car!!! It is so huge for me πŸ˜€ My children began attend kindergarden and I have begun a little bit daily work after maternity leave (now I’m an EVS coordinator).
My blog is going on his own way, still there has been a lot of thinking, what I want for this blog and how it should be done.
I was invited to have a real discussion with other parents about parenting and creativity. And it came from my blog readers, this meeting. It was so nice! I wrote about it a little bit. Still it is in Lithuanian. But there are much more posts in two languages, so you are welcome to look around πŸ˜‰
I have made some contacts and have new partners in my blogs area. It is great thing when someone say – hi, you are doing great job I want to cooperate!
The latest big job was to create a mini e-book Advent calendar for family. Yes, it is in Lithuanian, because it is for Lithuanian readers. But I’m very happy finishing it and letting it spread πŸ™‚
Now it is very strange time… Advent calendar is ready and I want Christmas already πŸ˜€ still it is time to wait…
Sometimes I come here to look how are you all, and I hope to have more time for reading πŸ™‚