Hello Grammalumni!

I have written up a post on Commas, Periods, colons, semicolons, dot points, ellipses and N and M-dashes.
I would like someone to look it over before I post it up.
Should I save it as a draft in the Alumni part of my reader?
I would also like to know what day at what time, you would like me to publish it.

Many thanks to Deb for persuading me to do this. I really did need to brush up on my punctuation and I appreciate better the value of paying attention to detail – something I have never been too keen on!
I am now using Grammarly which is driving me insane because I often don’t agree with it. However, it is very good at making me take a second look, to make sure that I really do want to over-ride it.


Anand @thinkerv0
Kristina @kristinavanhoos
Rashmi @sashay909
Catherine @wynstep
Pam @pamkirst2014
Deb @dalees107