Most of All, I Am Glad!

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Always moving, constantly moving, never still,

My heart says it for me; 

Joy is present in the air, 

Like harps sounding from the clouds!

In these eyes, we stand distilled  

She stifled a scream and ran! 

Shh whisper softly to my heart ;

Hold me, till my, last breath.

Falling leaves, whirling wind: fleecy jacket 

Effervescent reflections of golden evening light 

What is life? Is love life? 


A chance? No. But wait! Perhaps! 

Winter is coming, said the wind,

Let us see what Anand thinks! 

Autumn sad but wonderful to see.

In the existence of paranormal activity, 

The warm sunshine is deliciously divine, 

Blissful mem’ries of yesterdays, hopeful tomorrows; 

Pouring my heart out? I’m not!

Words; my way to meet you, 

Looks so different, yet so similar; 

Tickling, touching, smiling, triggering, staggering, flickering!

Most of all, I am glad!


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