Aware…Stare, A Gem So Rare!



Aware…stare, a  gem so rare!

Her Music  starts to sound black;

The paths don’t change -I grow!


Contemplate while horses are flying away;

The wind blew my mind afar; 

Sing the song I taught you; 

A leaf flutters; mums are blooming!


It is relaxing at the beach, 

The wind sighs, the branches groan; 


Festive season on, fun time on! 

Alluring, fascinating, dazzling; very berry strawberry!


Sometimes we fall, sometimes we fail;

Once I was young and foolish;

Songs feed the soul with fire; 

Grey clouds dominate mind, soul, body !


Scattered, rushing around and around, swirling; 

I wish to be only me! 

Wind blows, leaves swirl, evening falls; 

Little, colourful, squishy packets hold promises;

Life sings a beautiful song; listen!


Flew free they, soared to Heaven;

Life is what you make it; 

Carpets of leaves stray from home!



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