On Staying Curious!

Hello Friends πŸ™‚

James has shared an article on his primary blog.

On Staying Curious

I feel James is not just a wonderful photographer, he is also a very nice writer. If I say he is a polymath it will not be an exaggeration. Reading his articles( well, whenever I can!) gives me so many ideas which might help me directly or indirectly. For example, his latest article has this term β€œCaravaggio” with a link to a Wiki article about an artist who had a unique style of painting which used both psychological and physical human states as subject and had an influence on Baroque painting.

His picture is so beautifully mysterious in this article. The methods he enlists for creativity are apt for each one of us. I feel he is a great thinker!

James: Would you please do some feature articles for us in this forum, on writing/creativity tips, if you are free?


I hope everyone will enjoy reading James’ article!

People with James name are indeed smart!

Love and light ❀
Anand πŸ™‚