Live Before You’re Afraid To Die!

Would she ever have imagined this?

Quietly, patiently waiting for falling leaves,

A passion that consumes cannot last;

Not ahead, not behind, come beside!

After all, a dream is only an illusion;

Loathe thee loathing and not the person;


Was happy, then I wanted more!

I am Baked Alaska, cold inside.

I just want to feel loved;

She could not believe her eyes…

Pumpkin coffee, autumn leaves, sapphire sky;

Beautiful connections with strangers you meet!


Crash, Splash the world fell down,

Blanket the cold feed the poor!

Every time we meet, he smiles,

Embracing change is scary and exciting!

Love? No. Only delusions. Chasing illusions.


Ceaseless wonders reopen the mind’s eye!

Her’s wasn’t a happily ever after!

Voices that care, fills the air,

Our mother, cold, among dead bodies!


The word Serendipity finally made sense;
The smell of fresh wet soil,

Autumn leaves fall past my window,

In the night, we gently floated!

Forgive me but it is time,

There is deep pain within me,

 I loved that one eyed doll;

Autumn’s back, enjoy Winter, welcome Spring!


Waiting for nothing?  It won’t arrive;

Fall colours and crisp skies delight;

Unicorns, acorns, pop corns and Tequila;

Falling red lift wrapping silent cover;

Intrigued, by your looks, I just gazed you!

Hey! sweating girl, in the sweater,

Time is not a fickle lover,

Live before you’re afraid to die!


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