Confirmation For Weekly Schedule-4

Hello Everyone!

This post is to confirm schedule of weekly features for the current week

[ 8 October- 15 October]

1. Thursdays: Grammar & Punctuation:  

Please confirm if any of you will like to take it on 8th, 15th or 22nd.

Pam @pamkirst2014

Meg @drmegsorick

Debbie @dalees107

2. Fridays: Meanings Lost in Time:

Garth @garthmr is taking it regularly.

3. Saturdays: Creative Writing and Style:

Pam @pamkrirst2014 is generously doing it regularly. Anyone else willing to do is welcome.

4. Sundays: 13 Words Story:

Usually I will share a theme on Saturdays. But anyone can come up with a theme on Saturday and everyone else will follow it. Everyone willing to participate can participate. You can post here or on your blog and ping-back or both.

5. Mondays: Etymologies, Words and Usages:

Please confirm if you will take it on 12th and/or 19th.

Lula:  @lulaharp

Jackie:   @mkjackie99

6. Tuesdays: How Tos:

@raforbeginners Trina  Please confirm for 13th.

7. Wednesdays: Blogging Tools & Tips:

Rashmi@sashay909) is taking it regularly. But everyone else is welcome as it would unburden her a bit.

Rashmi, please confirm for this Wednesday!


Please let me know if I have misplaced something. Also, if you have to revoke nomination, please let me know at least a day before, if possible. Even if you fail to tell–no penalties 😉

It’s our home and a place to hang-out and I am grateful to all for being so generous and helpful to all of us 🙂


@sashay909 @kristinavanhoos @wynstep

Anand 🙂


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