It’s A Wonderful Life After All!

It’s  a wonderful life after all! 

Prayer changes my point of view;

Golden, rare, opportunity, where are you? 

Twigs crushed, table twisted, life begins,

It is sad that summer is over,


Images sprung out of my hands endlessly,

How can I keep this secret!

Breath of life, stench of death;

This is how it is, pal!


Empty suitcase, where do I begin?

Losing someone I never really had,

Love, sky, movies, mother, barbecue, wallflower;

Leaves fall, colors change, life evolves, 

Wait. Wait some more. Then submit!


Wet, they hung out the window;

Gradually, silence bloomed like a flower; 

Pacing but there is no escape,

May you be showered with happiness!


Her eyes had a charming twinkle!

With fanfare the waiting crowd arose,

In moonlight hope escapes the shadows,

Sleepily, she went on her run!

Do clouds taste like cotton candy?

As tears rolled down her face… 

I stay up late to read!

She collected pretty corners of life,

One cold rainy starless wet night,

she endured his six hour monologue,

Few drops, cured, the thirst away;

A difference a day makes what?

We gently drifted into deep slumber!

I think not, she was freelance;

Quickening of days, relentless turning wheels,

Trees in Autumn shed their tears;

Why air is so cold dry?

Never had they felt so alone!


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