Hello Friends,

We are planning on creating awards which will be given by the Alumni forum to its members and in future, probably to non-members as well.
They will be in following categories:

1. Ideaphorea:
For those members who come up with new ideas. We have many such ideas since the inception of this forum with the thread #idea and we should honor such people who have helped make this forum a better place and it will encourage ideaphoria even more.

2. New Bloggers
This will be an award for new bloggers who have less than 200 followers and it will be akin to Liebster with interesting questions.

3. Star Volunteers
Those who regularly volunteer to help others via feedback, featured posts and such should be given this award.
4. Featured Authors award:
Those authors who regularly contribute to the features should be given this award.
There will be a set of interview questions and specific badges for all awards.

All suggestions for these awards, nomination criteria and so on are welcome.

There is no hurry, but I look forward to start nominating come this October. Please let me know what you feel about this idea. All feedback is welcome.

#idea #awards #alumni

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Anand 🙂