How To Make A Post Sticky!

Hello Friends 🙂

This might have made a small post for our Tuesday feature, but I felt it’s important to address it now so that many volunteers can make a feature post sticky in time. If a post is there for many hours and I come online(like today for Pam’s post) I can make it sticky only after a considerable time has passed.


Then another featured post appears after a few hours and we have to remove this one–so it doesn’t get as much time on top as it should.

To rectify this–I feel we should all know how to make a post sticky. This post might help us in our personal blogs as well.



Steps:  Dashboard

  1. Open a New Post in the WP admin. Or Edit Post.
  2. In the right hand side–you will see Publish. There go to Visibility.
  3. Click it to expand options. You will see a check-box :

“Stick this post to the front page.”

Check this mark as shown in the image.

Click OK

In the improved editor(in the blog), where we usually edit our posts:

Go to Advanced Settings and expand. There you will find a check box to do the same:



Please let me know if you have any doubts. I hope it helps 🙂

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Anand 🙂