I need help. We’re making…

I need help. We’re making an unexpected journey to help family. No hiking, no grand babies and little time in here or for blogging. 😞
But I hope to hang in here. I need a volunteer to look over my blog, http://LifetimeOfForgiveness.wordpress.com, for its appearance, how are my widgets? I really want a new look.
#RESOLVED! Thanks but more comments are welcome!
This assignment is huge, Blogging 201:
Day Two: Audit Your Brand
Some of us have purely personal sites to discuss the day-to-day, while others use our blogs as a springboard for other projects. No matter which describes you — or whether you’re a bit of both — you’re not just a blogger: you’re a brand.
You may never be Coca-Cola or Apple, but you can still use good branding to grow your blog.
Today’s assignment: audit your brand — look at all the ways you communicate information about your blog to make sure they’re consistent and focused.
Why do this?
Because every choice you make, from header image to background color to widget title, contributes to your brand (or hurts it).
Because a strong brand creates an emotional connection with readers, and that connection is what keeps them coming back.
Because your design choices aren’t just about appearances — the colors, fonts, and layouts you choose have a big impact on your words and photos. Good design makes good content even better.
Editor’s note: We know there’s a lot here! We don’t expect you to try all of these, or to finalize every element of your brand in one day. We do want you to start exploring how each element of your site influences the perception of your blog, so you’ll be able to make design choices with confidence.
And it goes on and on!