It’s Grammar Time! Make your sentences make sense.

All blogs have a minimum of writing, there’s no getting around it. Why not make your writing the best it can be? Good grammar and spelling can make or break an otherwise wonderful blog post. For this week’s topic, I’ll be talking about misplaced modifiers. What is a misplaced modifier? Simply put, it’s a word or phrase put in the wrong place in a sentence. It will make a sentence confusing and illogical. Take for example, this sample converstion:

Me: “This morning, I passed a horse on the way to work.”
You: “Where does the horse work?”
Me: “No, the horse wasn’t going to work, I was. A policeman was riding the horse directing cars.”
You: “So the horse was directing cars?”
Me: “No! The policeman was directing the cars on the horse.”
You: “How were the cars on the horse?”
Me: “Ugh! He was trying to direct the cars while riding the horse unsuccessfully.”
You: “Are you saying the horse was unsuccessful?’
Me: “Oh, never mind!”

Ridiculous, right? The modifiers should be placed as close to whatever they describe or give information about. For example: This morning, on my way to work, I passed a horse. And so forth. Notice, too, how the modifying phrase is set apart by commas. More about that next week with Mask!

A good way to avoid this mistake is to read your sentences aloud before pressing that post button! It becomes apparent when our modifiers are misplaced and gives us the opportunity to restructure the sentence properly. Happy writing, fellow bloggers!
Meg Sorick
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