Do You Need Feedback and Help?

Hello Friends 🙂

It has been only two days ( or is it just one day? 😛 ) since the inception of this beautiful forum. I have seen and participated in some heartwarming discussions and chit-chatter. What I am missing is people who need feedback and help. There are a couple of threads but I suppose they have also not used the tags #help #feedback.

I request all of you to please share your blog post’s link here with these tags whenever you need feedback. Please don’t hesitate even if you’ve shared it in “commons” as we need to start circulation of feedback and help here as well.

If any of you shares their blog post I would be sure to visit them as there are very few members yet. If I am unable to do so–Rashmi or Kristina or someone else might generously do so.
If some technical help is needed I would tag Kristina.

Please don’t hesitate from sharing links to your blogs in moderation as it’s a platform meant for feedback, encouragement and friendship. Because I didn’t see them I was compelled to write this post.

*Please use #help #feedback tags as appropriate.

  • Please click these tags in the right sidebar Links menu if you want to help or give feedback as this would enlist such posts.
  • For ease in navigation use “hide comments.”

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